Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health launches new website

Fellow Katarina Grande has been working with the Consortium for Hmong Health since early in her Fellowship. Recently, she worked with the group to develop content for a new website. Read on for the website release announcement and please explore the site! 

The Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health has launched a new website: The web site contains health information, community news, and upcoming health and wellness events for the Milwaukee Hmong community and anyone interested in Hmong health.

The web site is the first to focus on Hmong health in Milwaukee. “We hope this website will be a go-to health resource for the Milwaukee Hmong community. Not only does the site contain information about the Consortium’s work, but it also provides links to Hmong-specific health websites and materials,” says Consortium Project Manager Beth R. Peterman.

The site, which will later be dually accessible in English and Hmong, is culturally appropriate and easy to navigate. Pang Vang, Project Coordinator, says, “Because literacy in general is often of concern in the Hmong community, the Consortium worked closely with the web developer to include Hmong design elements, large icons, and a plan to translate the English texts into Hmong to create an easy browsing experience.”

The Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health, established in 2008, works to engage the Hmong community for positive change regarding women’s cancer health and wellness.
Funding for this project was provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program. Support for Consortium activities, including this project, has been provided in part by the State of Wisconsin's Well Woman Program.