Core Activities of Learning

Through the Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellowship, Fellows continue to build skills and increase knowledge while serving their organizations and communities. The Fellowship’s Core Activities of Learning (CALs) serves as a framework for Fellows to guide and space their learning and growth. The CALs are based on the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and tailored to the values and mission of the program. The CALs focus on competency in the areas of scientific inquiry, health policy, community health, communication and program administration. As the cornerstone to guide their reflection, growth and service, Fellows share their progression in their competency with their preceptors, peers and program.

Some ways in which Fellows have increased their competencies around specific Core Activities of Learning include:

  • Conduct a statewide or community-based population health survey

  • Prepare a fiscal analysis of a public health issue

  • Apply quality improvement tools to the evaluation of a local or state public health program

  • Use new media tools to communicate public health information

  • Make an oral presentation to a community group

  • Evaluate public health service delivery in a clinic setting from the point of view of its cultural and social accessibility and acceptability

  • Participate in a community-based strategic planning process on a public health issue

  • Participate substantially in an outbreak/field investigation

  • Prepare a grant application that includes a budget and workplan

  • Conduct a Health Impact Assessment on an existing or proposed program or policy

Fellows create a portfolio with documentation of their CALS along with an assessment of their performance.