Learning Community

The Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellowship and Preventive Medicine Residency (PMR) joint Learning Community (the Learning Community) is a partnership between the Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellowship and the UW Preventive Medicine Residency Program. While these two programs are distinct training programs with different respective program requirements and expectations, they come together for these Learning Community meetings as an opportunity to integrate training across the fields of public health and medicine. This effort enhances individual learning of Fellows and Residents, enriches the programs and staff, and supports future collaboration between the fields.

The Learning Community meets monthly at locations around the state to explore Public Health topics, develop skills, confer, collaborate, provide service, and engage in professional reflection around some of the state’s most pressing public health challenges. Core to the Learning Community is the development of leadership and facilitation skills for the fellows and residents. Therefore, most of the Learning Community meetings are planned and run by the Fellows and residents. The ultimate goals of these meetings and of the learning community is to support the development of highly skilled future public health leaders.

Faculty support is provided by the UW School of Medicine & Public Health Population Health Institute, City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD), the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Division of Public Health (DPH), and the UW Preventive Medicine Residency Faculty and Advisors.