Meeting: Homelessness and public health

Brochures from Pathfinders and Walker's Point Youth and Family Center
Fellow Rashonda Jones planned an intense meeting on the topic of homelessness. To prepare for the meeting, we watched a Milwaukee Public Television documentary called "Homeless in the Heartland"--here's the link:  

The documentary and our discussions with representatives from The Guest House, Pathfinders, and Walker's Point Youth and Family Center provided sobering perspectives on homelessness, including the fact that thousands of Milwaukee families are affected by homelessness. Some are in shelters while others bounce between friends' and extended family's couches. Many are split between multiple shelters, since there are centers for men and centers for women and children, but few places for families to remain sheltered together. The Fellows were in awe of the staff of the centers supporting homeless individuals.

The day's meeting was interspersed with CAL presentations by Kelli Stader and Kristen Audet and a skill-building workshop on grant proposals and budgeting with Marge Stearns.
Tips on submitting grant proposal budgets
Meeting organizer Rashonda Jones takes notes