Fellowship Program Coordinator wins Edible Book Festival Awards

Lesley Wolf's depiction of "The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone"
She kept it under wraps at the Fellowship orientation, but program coordinator Lesley Wolf harbors a talent for depicting whimsical characters and literary scenes from edible materials. In the 2012 Edible Book Festival, sponsored by UW Librarians' Assembly and Memorial Library, Lesley won both the people’s choice as well as the “most elaborate” awards for her depiction of the book “Frog Belly Rat Bone” by Timothy Basil Ering. The book, which Lesley says she chose in part because of its public health message, “plants the idea that with some strategy, good communication and goodwill, you can grow wonderful things," according to the Portland Press Herald. A pear, kiwi, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries and microgreens, among other edible materials, were coaxed into an ephemeral art experience. Lesley’s partner, Kris Glodoski, helped curate the festival. For more images and descriptions see the blog Eating in Madison from A to Z: http://www.madisonatoz.com/ and the Edible Book Festival website: http://www.library.wisc.edu/edible-book/

"When I have participated in this event before, I worked in sugar and sweet things and this year I wanted to do something to promote healthier food choices so when I came across Frog Belly on my bookshelf it all came together," says Lesley. 

"There is a strong public health theme subtly tucked in to the story of turning cement land into a garden so I decided to make Cement land and the garbage piles out of candy and show the progression of greening the land using only fruits, vegetables and seeds," says Lesley.
photos by Kris Glodoski

Fellowship Director, Marion Ceraso, took home the award for "Most Creative Use of Ingredients" for her depiction of the book "Goat Song"