Women's Health in Wisconsin

A visual representation of the Wisconsin Healthiest Women Initiative's concept and goals
I have a wonderful dual placement for my fellowship. I split my time between the Maternal and Child Health Unit at the Department of Health Services and the WI Alliance for Women's Health. Though I just started my fellowship in July, I have been astounded by how much I've already learned and the many opportunities for project ownership that I've had thus far. There are two projects that I am particularly proud and excited to be working on. One project that I just finished for the WI Alliance for Women's Health is an analysis of how the 2011-2013 budget will impact women and girls. It was a fascinating to investigate how political priorities impact individual lives and to learn about how short-term fiscal savings can have detrimental impacts on public health and the long-term economy. The report will be released in the next month or so. 

Another project that I'm still working on is the Wisconsin Healthiest Women Initiative [WHWI]. The WHWI is working to improve the health of Wisconsin women by bringing together many of the organizations and individuals who work on women's health to coordinate a state-wide strategic plan for making these improvements. I've been taking on more and more responsibilities for the initiative as it evolves. I am currently planning an upcoming full-day strategic planning conference for about 90 individuals to continue to narrow down goals and recommendations for the focus areas we've picked. The initiative is a project that I really believe in and I'm excited to be playing such a valued role in it.

I learn new things every day! I am so grateful for the guidance that my preceptors give me and for the opportunities that keep coming my way. I'm excited to find out what's next!