Fellows review community-academic grants

photo credit: http://www.med.wisc.edu/wisconsin-partnership-program/main/499
Fellows Kelli Stader and Kat Grande were given the opportunity to serve as reviewers for the Wisconsin Partnership Program’s (WPP) Community-Academic Partnership Fund 2011 grant proposals. The WPP represents a far-reaching commitment by University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to improve the health and well-being of Wisconsin residents through investments in research, education, prevention practices and interventions, and policy development. 
The Community-Academic Partnership grants support efforts by Wisconsin community-based organizations and government agencies working in tandem with an academic partner to improve the health of Wisconsin residents and advance the goals of the State Health Plan, Healthiest Wisconsin 2020. Kelli and Kat each reviewed two Development and two Implementation grant proposals. They will join fellow expert reviewers on December 1st for an in-person discussion of the proposal reviews and scoring. Serving as a grant reviewer is an excellent way to learn about the grant process, to become familiar with a funding agency, or to network with colleagues working in public health!