Rashonda Jones

When did you begin your fellowship?
July, 2011

Where is your fellowship?
My time is split between the Milwaukee Health Department and the United Way of Greater Milwaukee.

What were you up to prior to the fellowship?
I was finishing my MPH at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and raising my awesome twenty-two month old son, Elijah.

What inspired you to take the fellowship route rather than a different type of job/school/etc.?
 There are so many opportunities to learn and grow, as a public health professional, with the fellowship.  With the fellowship, I am given the opportunity to work on projects in my interest areas, and to have mentors to guide me in the process.  This is not an experience available in regular public health positions.

What are your main areas of interest in public health?
I am most interested in improving birth outcomes in Milwaukee, as well as STD/HIV prevention, and teen pregnancy prevention.

What is one public health achievement that you would like to see in the next twenty-five years?
I would like to see the infant mortality rate for African-American infants in Milwaukee drop drastically.