Survey of the Health of Wisconsin Community Advisory Board

Ella Dunbar (Social Development Commission), Samuel Holland (SHOW CAB spokesperson), Loren Galvao (Center for Urban Population Health), Kat Grande (Fellow), David Frazer (CUPH)
As a state, Wisconsin is relatively health; it ranked 16th in the United Health Foundation's 2010 American Health Rankings. Milwaukee County, however, presents a starkly different picture in terms of health determinants, ranking as one of the state's least healthy counties: 72st out of the state's 72 counties. To be effective in enhancing the health of Wisconsin's population, Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) findings must reach and influence the lay public. Elimination of health disparities for African Americans requires that representatives from the affected communities be actively involved in all phases of the research, particularly in planning dissemination strategies. SHOW Community Advisory Board (CAB) members accepted this challenge by participating in an advisory board to SHOW. Fellow Kat Grande was part of the team that supported the efforts of the CAB. 
  • To view a video of the SHOW CAB's presentation to community leaders and researchers about their perspective on health issues affecting their community, visit this website: SHOW CAB presentation