Fellow Class of 2011 graduates!

Congratulations to the Population Health Fellow Class of 2011! Fellows Marisa Stanley, Sara Soka, and Raisa Koltun will be greatly missed. But...keep your eye out for these three women--they'll continue improving the health of Wisconsin and beyond for years to come.

Fellows, preceptors, and staff attend the 2011 Fellow graduation ceremony

Preceptor Casey Schumann, Fellow Marisa Stanley, Preceptor Kristin Hill, Preceptor Jim Vergeront
Jim Vergeront, Director Marion Ceraso, Preceptor Amy Meinen, Fellow Sara Soka, Tom Oliver
Director Marion Ceraso, Preceptor Geof Swain, Fellow Raisa Koltun, Preceptor Sherri Ohly
Fellow Marisa Stanley gives a graduation speech, sporting a handmade graduation stole from a friend at the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center
Fellow Sara Soka delivers her graduation speech, highlighting lessons she has taken from the Fellowship experience
Fellow Raisa Koltun gives her graduation speech, describing how the Fellowship helped her discover her passion for public health policy work