Matthew Landis

When did you complete your Fellowship?
I completed my Fellowship in 2007

Where did you complete your Fellowship?
WI DHS Bureau of Health Information and Policy

What are you doing now, and where?
I graduated law school in 2010 with a Health Care Law and Compliance focus

How did the Fellowship contribute to your current situation?
The Fellowship solidified my desire to persue a legal education and bridge the gap between law policy and practice.

Do you have any advice for current Fellows or those interested in the Fellowship?
Take time to explore, but also have some goals developed that you want to work toward. It took me about 6 months to meet people, become a face people would associate with the position, and land on a project that I thought would enable me to meet the goals I set for myself (like give a presentation as a program representative, publish a paper, or manage an aspect of program development, implementation, or evaluation).

What types of projects are you currently involved in?
Currently I am a Health Care Compliance Consultant for a University of Minnesota affiliated Federally Qualified Health Center.

What are your main areas of interest within public health?
Objective approaches to measure key aspects of quality and compliance in health care settings, eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes, developing multidisciplinary collaborations to address emerging policy issues, health reform.