Marisa Stanley

When did you begin your Fellowship?
July 1, 2009

Where is your Fellowship?
Department of Health Services in the Division of Public Health and Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center

What were you up to prior to your Fellowship?
Before graduate school, I was a research associate for a biotech company in Minneapolis, MN. During graduate school, I worked for the Minnesota Department of Health in the Immunization Program and was an intern with the Ryan White Program at Hennepin County.

What inspired you to take the Fellowship route rather than a different type of job/school/etc.?
I was/still am very interested in public health policy and wanted to explore and gain experience in that area. I especially like this fellowship because it is self guided. I can choose my own projects and explore many aspects of public health rather then being constrained by a specific description.

What are your main areas of interest within public health?
Policy, infectious diseases, and Tribal health

Do you have any advice for those interested in the Fellowship?
My advice is to apply. When else in your career are you going to have designated mentors to help you succeed and learn, the ability to pursue your own interests, and find where you want to be in public health?