Health Equity

In order to build the capacity of a new generation of leaders to advance health equity, efforts need to operationalize goals and curriculum. The Foundational Practices for Health Equity provides a framework to increase understanding, shift attitudes and build practical skills towards expanding the understanding of what shapes health, assess and influence the policy context, use data strategically, continuous learning, successful partnership and community capacity building, and assure strategic and targeted use of resources.

Systematic training around health equity and collaborative leadership allows for trainees to build their capacity in framing their work and through the lens of health equity. The health equity curriculum embedded into the two years of fellowship includes both didactic and experiential learning and skill building around the social determinants of health and its causes, historical knowledge and perspectives on the role of policies in shaping health inequities, coalition capacity building and partnership development skills.

Reflective practice both internal and external in the individual, organizational and environmental levels, allows for Fellows to internalize equity and integrate a health equity lens into their daily practice.