Gary Hollander, PhD [Preceptor]

Gary Hollander, preceptor for Mallory Edgar, is the founding President and CEO of Diverse and Resilient, Wisconsin’s largest LGBT organization. Gary supports a staff of 20 as they provide important disease prevention and health promotion services throughout the state. Agency services focus on known health disparities in sexual health, substance use, mental health and suicide, and community and partner violence. Gary has received numerous awards including the state’s public health award and the public health educator award. Diverse and Resilient is Wisconsin’s only directly funded CDC HIV prevention program, providing over 900 HIV tests each year and reaching more than 700 young African American gay and bisexual men in their prevention programs.

Gary is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in individual and group psychotherapy, diagnostics, community psychology, health psychology, and organizational change. In 2013, after 30 years with his partner, Paul Mandracchia, they were married at their Milwaukee home, as he puts it: “Legally in a state that has an illegal constitutional amendment.” They are avid gardeners and keen admirers of Jack Russell Terriers, including their own, Dexter.

Born in Milwaukee, Gary has spent his life here with periodic forays to the Carolinas and New Mexico. He also teaches a course each semester at UWM and keeps a small consulting practice, mostly in Chicago.