Welcome to a new class of UW Population Health Service Fellows!

Marion Ceraso, MHS, MA

UW Population Health Service Fellowship

Program Director

Welcome 10th class of Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellows!

Our new class - 2013-2015 - has already launched an impressive portfolio of public health action, and we're just a few months in.   They're  working on advancing health equity, reducing childhood obesity, strengthening Wisconsin's food systems, preventing domestic violence, improving LGBT health, building sustainable  data collection systems, and disseminating health-related innovations.

Second year Fellows are continuing their important work, including  making strong contributions to the local public health accreditation process, building capacity for health equity in Wisconsin, and improving access and competency of care for individuals with HIV/AIDS.
Thanks to first year Fellow, shor, for kick starting the blog this year.  And check back here early and often for updates on what Fellows are up to, and other exciting public health happenings in Wisconsin and beyond.
Here's to a great year ahead!