Food security and nutrition

Fellows visited SHARE Wisconsin, a food-buying club committed to making affordable food available to both areas undeserved by traditional grocery stores (areas known as "food deserts") as well as anyone interested in saving money. We began our day with a volunteer project, which mirrors the operational model of SHARE--highly volunteer-run. We packed 436 boxes of organic produce for SHARE clients (and had a great time doing it)!

Tyler, Anneke, Emma, Paula, and Jim work the assembly line

SHARE organic produce box

Rashonda, Kelli, and Anneke act as quality control inspectors

Kat and Kristen provide the assembly line muscle by stacking full boxes onto pallets
After a hearty lunch provided by SHARE, we heard about the SHARE Mobile Markets Project from the project's academic partners: Dr. Paul Hunter from UW-Madison and the Milwaukee Health Department, Courtenay Kessler and David Frazer from the Center for Urban Population Health, and Fellow Kelli Stader. Along with the project's evaluation and logistics, we learned a lot about processes and partnerships. For a more vibrant look at the project, watch this video.

The final session was a skill-building workshop hosted by David Frazer on facilitation. We had a great discussion on the differences between networks, collaborations, and relationships in the context of groups.