Paula Tran Inzeo

 When did you begin your Fellowship?  
July 2010

Where is your Fellowship? 
Wisconsin Division of Public Health (Administrator’s Office and Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health)

What were you up to prior to your Fellowship?  
I was in Graduate School before the Fellowship.

What inspired you to take the Fellowship route rather than a different type of job/school/etc.?  
I wanted the opportunity to explore public health in the government sector and hone specific public health skills, specifically, policy work, program management and grant writing/management.

What are your main areas of interest within public health?  
Health Equity and Health Disparities

What is one thing (or many!) you are working on right now in your fellowship? 
My current projects fall under three broad areas:
Health Equity and Disparities
1.    Support in the Minority Health Program
2.    Support for the Wisconsin Center for Health Equity
3.    Participating in a Health Disparities Work Group
Environmental Health
1.    Health Impact Assessment
2.    Environmental health indicator development
3.    Lead Joint Resolution Report
1.    Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 Implementation
2.    Workforce Development
3.    Wisconsin Act 198 Implementation

Do you have any advice for those interested in the Fellowship? 
It is helpful to think carefully and honestly about the areas in which you would like to learn more and get more experience to really drive your experience.

Do you have a public health role model/hero?
There is not one single person that I would be comfortable identifying as a public health hero. I think the field of public health is really about collaborative partnerships and leadership and I believe that concept is inspirational. 

What is one public health-related activity in your community that you are proud about?
In recent years, Madison has experienced a powerful local foods movement that has been very creative and from the grassroots level. It was wonderful to see communities rising to the challenge of taking back food systems.

What is one public health achievement you think will happen in the next 25 years? What is one you would like to see in the next 25 years?  
I think we will see and hope to see a greater number of resources/dollars consistently allocated to public health in the next 25 years- not very creative, but pretty important.