“I feel like a completely different person after the Fellowship. The Fellowship helped me feel more confident and allowed me to find my voice in equity and social justice.”
— Stephanie Kroll, 2016 Fellowship graduate

The Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellowship recruits and deploys promising early-career public health professionals to work for public health and community-based organizations throughout Wisconsin. The Fellowship was started in 2004 with core funding from the Wisconsin Partnership Program at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. The Partnership Program recognized the need to build strong public health leadership in order to successfully eliminate health disparities and build healthy communities in Wisconsin. To accomplish these goals, the next generation of public health leaders must have knowledge of a broad range of population health determinants, strategies for health improvement, and organizational resources and professional connections to support their efforts.

The Fellowship combines service—by tackling some of the state’s most pressing public health challenges and attracting resources to community and public health—with workforce development—by providing fellows the opportunity to build population health skills and practical experience in a strong network of mentors and peers.

The program is conducted in partnership with the City of Milwaukee Health Department (MHD), the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Division of Public Health (DPH), and other public and private partner organizations across Wisconsin. In 2013, the Fellowship also initiated a partnership with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Preventive Medicine Residency through which preventive medicine residents with an interest in population health are integrated into the Fellowship program.