2010-2012 COHORT


Katarina received her MPH degree from the University of Minnesota with a concentration in global health. Katarina was placed at the City of Milwaukee Health Department and the Center for Urban Population Health. During her Fellowship Katarina assisted with the development of a curriculum for a community advisory board, promoted expedited partner therapy in Milwaukee clinics, analyzed the social networks of a hepatitis C outbreak, and provided control recommendations to public health nurses. She also worked with Hmong community health worker group to promote women’s empowerment and health, and she researched the connections between poverty and health both locally and abroad. Preceptors: Loren Galvao and Geof Swain

Post Fellowship: Katarina is Wisconsin HIV Surveillance Coordinator, Epidemiologist at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health and Associate Researcher (Consultant) for the SAGE4Health Project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Zilber School of Public Health.




Paula completed her MPH from the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health with certificates in Consumer Health Advocacy and Prevention and Intervention Science. She spent her time as a Fellow focusing on health equity and the social determinants and root causes of health. Paula was placed at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health and the Wisconsin Center for Health Equity. Her work at both sites involved cross sector and interdisciplinary partner engagement and training around health equity and developing the WI Health Impact Assessment Collaborative through building the capacity of traditional and nontraditional public health practitioners to conduct the Health Impact Assessment. Preceptors: Chuck Warzecha and Sandy Breitborde

Post Fellowship: Paula is a doctoral student at the UW Madison School of Human Ecology, and Health Promotion Specialist at University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension in Madison, WI.



Kelli completed her MPH degree and a graduate student dietetic internship at the University of Minnesota. During the first year of her Fellowship Kelli split time between the Milwaukee Health Department and the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, South Regional Office. She helped to develop various databases organizing local health department CHIP priorities and activities, and helped to develop and evaluate a nutrition education program at Mobile Markets in Milwaukee. During her second year, she served as the Accreditation Coordinator for the Division of Public Health, leading a division-wide team through a self-assessment process to prepare for national public health accreditation. Kelli also got involved with the Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity program, co-authoring a resource to improve fruit and vegetable access while participating in a workgroup that formed a statewide food policy council. Preceptor: Mary Young

Post Fellowship: Kelli is Nutrition Coordinator with the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program of the Department of Health Services in Madison, WI.


Katherine graduated from UW-Madison with both a Master in Public Health and a Master in Public Affairs. She has worked with the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and volunteered with the Allied Wellness Center, a small community-based organization dedicated to community-level wellness. Katherine was placed at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH), Office of Policy and Practice, and the Allied Community Cooperative. At DPH she led and coordinated the development of the overall work plan for the Coordinated Chronic Disease Program and the development of the Wisconsin Division of Public Health Strategic Plan. At the Allied Community Cooperative, Katherine coordinated and maintained the budget for a Wisconsin Partnership Program grant and mentored three undergraduate interns. Preceptors: Pat Guhleman and Susan Corrado

Post Fellowship: Katherine is Project Assistant at Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program in Madison, WI.